The White Lie And The Black Lie

Relax. This is not about race. Unless you choose it to be…and that will raise a number of questions in our minds about what is really going on in yours.

The idea of the white lie is some untruth that it is harmless or trivial and used to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

The black lie benefits the liar and harms someone else. Apparently there is also a term ” high stakes lie ” in social media research.

The word ” lie ” or the mere imputation of it has been very dangerous in the past – spoken in Ireland, France, or Kentucky, it could result in a challenge, a duel, and either a rapier thrust or a pistol ball. Men were careful to avoid using it. Women could use it freely, but risked other condemnation if they did.

But are there other hues of dishonesty? Is there a red lie, or a green one? I fear so, if the antics of left-wing agitators are examined. The red ones used to be pretty crude but the green ones are frequently sophisticated and confusing – relying upon complexity and rumour to get their way while not really defining what the way is at all.

A yellow lie sounds cheerful, until you think about the general tone of announcements from totalitarian governments. Some are quite reasonable and some are all that a propaganda poster of the worst sort could wish.  The amazing thing is to watch a yellow lie be so unquestionably accepted by a nation as to become religion or a physical law of Nature.

A blue lie sounds interesting, but I don’t know what the definition might be. Google seems to place it somewhere between the white and black but I think that’s just footling fecklessly. And I like my footling done with dedication. Not as dedicated as Elmer Batters, mind, but with style, nevertheless.

I’ve heard about purple lies in Hollywood and elsewhere but they are the private business of the people concerned and I don’t think I need to add to their difficulties.

And as far as brown lies…well, I’ve told a few of them in my time. Particularly after a taco dinner. Not the sort of thing you want to do in a closed car. You get found out…

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