Last Day At The Shops

For some time.

Stocked up on Fokker F-27s and Heinkel 111’s. Couldn’t let the supplies fall too far, whatever the day brought. Also the whiskey shop, which was medicine. It said so on the label. In Texta…

After that, the world was bidden to stay away and I to stay away from it. I got to sleep with my wife for the first time in a fortnight  She was away overseas and had been kept in the social freezer for two weeks. I was exiled to my studio at night then and spent the time listening to the sounds of the building creaking and popping.  At least at home the sounds were familiar; snoring and other bodily functions. And the cat could always be counted on for disturbance.

I am not going to come closer than 32 metres to anyone for the rest of the year. I think it was 32 metres. I’ll have to re-check that with the internet reports. In any case I have ordered a face mask from a  fashion designer and look forward to being jeered at by the locals on a regular basis. If they get too contemptuous I’ll take it off and show ’em my real face and that’ll serve ’em all right.



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