My New Facebook Career – Success Ahoy!

The recent advent of Facebook caught me somewhat unawares. I joined it, watched the antics with amazement, and clucked with disapproval like an old hen when I saw the foolishness and ignorance rife. Silly me – i should have recognised it as a wonderful opportunity.

Well, better late than never. I have decided to award myself qualifications and trade upon them over this social media counter. The thing now is to choose what field of expertise I will dominate.

I am rather drawn to the medical advisory role right now – as so many pieces of information are traded each day on the net. As long as I do not go to the extent of telling people to plunge knives into their eyes, I should be safe from malpractice prosecution. Even then, if they have been watching the antics of some political activists and lifestyle promoters, the knives may be welcome.

Just this week I tackled the problem of people touching their faces in the current virus situation. Not recommended at all for reasons of contamination – but people still forget because they still have itchy noses and faces. The answer proved to be out in the scale modelling workshop. See heading image.

This may also ease the toilet paper shortage somewhat, though I would not have chosen the word ” ease ” initially.

Now, what other problems can I address before the cops arrive?

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