Day Two From Fort Onkaparinga

Australians will get that one. For North Americans and Brits, think ” blanket fort “.

All good. Wife collected yesterday from airport amongst scenes of no panic at all. Has not grown another head. All in agreement with 14 day self-isolation.

One little reporter and cameraman from a local TV channel seen at the airport looking to beat something up amongst the first arrivals of the morning. Only a few fools stopped to answer questions. Few aircraft actually scheduled to come in – the Cathay Pacific ones are cancelled, of course, and some of the other carriers are dropping services.

Less traffic on some roads, but that didn’t seem to include the ones I was on. The morning tradies raged their way to work at each other’s bumpers. Thank goodness it was a light drizzle and the roads were slippery – makes the tailgating that much more exciting. For the next two weeks I wish them all the speed they need and frequent sudden meetings.

And now it’s time to draw up a schedule of things to do within the fort. This may result in accomplishing a lot of the maintenance that has been put off for years.


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