Journale Of The Plague Yeare

Well, today I start my Plague Yeare with a fortnight’s enforced isolation. I’m not pleased, but oddly I take a little comfort in it.

The occasion is the return by air of my wife after a short stay in rural Thailand. Our government has mandated a 14 day self-isolation period for her as a precautionary measure and we’ll be sharing the task.

Provided we are not afflicted, it should be imminently do-able. We are both old enough to be able to exist without extended social contacts and our facility with the internet means that we need no feel left out of any loop that is still allowed to operate.

The house is stocked with enough basic food and ancillary materials to last the time – and a little more if need be. I’ll be asking my daughter to stop away during the period and to stay at my studio to keep her from any possible contagion and to allow her to act as a runner and liaison unit for us here at home.

I’ve also stocked enough hobby supplies to keep me busy for several months – though unfortunately the scale model exhibitions that were scheduled to act as a show for my efforts have both been cancelled for a year. I note as well that the belly dancing shows I attend have also started to be postponed or cancelled. I daresay it will be the same in many other hobbies and sports.

The prospect for others is not so easy as they may need to be out and away from home for work or duty. We can only hope that they do not encounter the Wuhan Plague until it has been well-attenuated or there has been an effective treatment found.

Why could I in any way be pleased by the quarantine? Because the government mandated it and I did not have to try to delicately suggest the idea. Because everyone can now understand doing it and not make silly statements about it. Won’t stop ’em, mind…but I’ve got the government and the health advisers on my side. And I can simply turn off the worst of the Facebook scuttlebutt and political posts for the time being.

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