How Do You Know It’s Time?

A. When they get a gun out, pass it around, and start making ” pew-pew ” noises. Don’t even pause  – just get up, go outside, get into your car, and drive home. Never go back.

B. When they start posting on social media about burning or stabbing something or someone.

C. When they introduce a program, product, or concept but never actually say what it is. If you are invited to a seminar or free meeting with a sales team, it is time to reach round the back of the set and pull out the power plug.

D. When they start a conversation with ” I shouldn’t tell you this, but…”. Take them at face value; they shouldn’t. Help them to avoid doing it by moving out of earshot. If this means going to the eastern states, consider your airfare options.

E. When you find you are dealing with two-ulcer men in a four-ulcer jobs…and they demand that you respect their authoritah. Authorise your own respect and leave.



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