Never Be Ashamed To Say You’re Sorry

Particularly if, by doing so, you’ll be able to make someone think you are. It disarms them and lays them open to disapointment. The eventual look of horror on their face is well worth the momentary embarrassment – particularly if you can fix it on there forever. Rictus sardonicus is all very well but nubis horribilis is even better.

We are often asked  present a formulary apology by saying that we are sorry for the sins of our ancestors. This is a social given in events with social groups. The thing gets a little ludicrous, however, when we are asked to apologise for the sins of someone else’s ancestors. The connection that is sought is often tenuous – if we are the same light skin colour as Captain Cook, we need to endorse a day of public sorrow. The thing seems a race-based rule…and as we are told elsewhere that racial rules are racist and abhorrent, it would be hypocritical to support it.

I am not related the the Captain. I am not related to any English explorers, discoverers, invaders, or exploiters. My time on this continent started in November of 1964 and I have been careful not to oppress anyone in the interim. De-press them, possibly, but then I depress a lot of people.

If I decline to apologise to, or trumpet the fame of any population…past, present, future, or sitting in the lawyer’s waiting room…it is because I have a keen sense of actuality and humour. I extend the hand of friendship to all, but decline to have it twisted up my back to suit someone’s political ambitions.

I am not going to bow to Gessler’s hat.


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