Laugh And Yer A Dead Man

We’ve all been there…and with our lousy luck, we’re all going there again. The situation where something irresistibly funny occurs but it is so tied up with someone’s emotions that you just can’t laugh. They’ll be so angry or hurt that you can hardly respond.

What do you do?

Well, flee is a good option. If there is a clear pathway to the door, turn and leg it. You need not actually open the door if it would materially impede your escape. Doors these days are made with a hollow core and you can get through them a lot better than you’d think.

If you are locked in, you just have to cope. The Manitoba Shuffle works for some…” Well, I’ll be darned …” can be used for most situations. Mind you, few people darn any more, what with the cheap price of socks. But it’ll buy you time to think of a more graceful phrase. If you are a Canadian, the old standard of ” I’m so sorry. ” is a good start. And if you voted for either of the Trudeaus, you can do sorry like a professional.



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