Living Life According To The Memes

If we visit social-media sites we are bombarded by memes. If we visit anti-social media sites the thing gets even more intense. Whether the one-liner is sweet or smarmy, it is waved in front of our noses as a guide to life. I’ve experimented with some of them and can report:

a. ” Pull Up Your Big-Girl Panties “.

I bought a three-pack of these from Target and found them fine around the house but a nuisance out in the rest of the town. They either ride down or up and neither direction is comfortable.

As for pulling some other big girl’s panties up or down, be prepared for a fistfight.

b. ” Just Do It “.

Apparently a slogan for a brand of running shoe. A sentiment that can be applied equally to playing a violin sonata or shooting down an airliner with a Nike missile. I should be careful to whom I said it…

c. ” If I Told You, I’d Have To Kill You “.

Thank you for the warning. I shall ask no further questions, nor listen to anything more you say – for fear of death. In fact I shall regard you as poisonous and warn others not to speak to you.

d. ” Never Give Up “.

Tell that to General Von Paulus’ troops.


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