Faint Praise Grows Ever Fainter

My local old-folks radio station has an hourly segment of what they like to call national news. I think it’s probably compiled by students in some eastern-states technical college as a part of their journalism course. The presenters and the material they deliver seems to follow a university pattern – some science, some politics, and some student whining.

I don’t mind – there might be few new insights into the world to be got from it, but it does allow me to hear various university professors try to justify getting their next grant. It makes a nice change from the advertisements for used cars or dental implants. And the student presenters are no worse at it than our local volunteers.

However, I did note a story that flitted through this week that seemed to report the Google search engine company is to be compelled to reveal the source of an anonymous posting on their platform. It was a scathing review of a dental practitioner in regard to tooth-whitening procedures and the fang bosun took exception to being criticised. The whole incident serves as a notice for those of us who write on the internet that money not only talks, but does so urgently when it feels threatened. I shall take note and amend my essays.

I’ll cease calling people monsters of depravity and festering sores on the bottom of humanity. All except for one person. And they know who they are…

Instead, I shall praise all – and praise fulsomely. Compliments and endorsements left, right, and centre. The slightest hint of any public presence will call forth a torrent of worship. It is much the safest form of abuse.

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