Red Flags

We often hear the expression ” Red Flag ” when something unspoken warns us about danger. The Russians had them for decades, and look how well that worked out…Well it turns out that there are a lot more of them flying in our normal lives. Consider it a bad omen when:

  1. The club treasurer starts to greet you with ” Bom Dia “, takes samba lessons, and buys a suitcase.
  2. Your dog refuses to come when called or go when ordered. This also applies to the children.
  3. The elastic in your underwear gives out with a loud ” ping! ” while you are riding in a crowded train. And then you remember that you’re a Scot wearing your kilt in the traditional manner…
  4. The sour cream in your fridge turns fresh.
  5. Beggars accost you in the street and press pennies into your hand.
  6. The bondage mistress next door asks to borrow your staple gun and an apple pie.
  7. Every time you ring the doorbell of the Last Chance Saviour Mission they hide behind the sofa.
  8. The council bins are delivered to your house full.
  9. The local court garnishes your salary. With a radish and a sprig of parsley. It actually looks better…
  10. The Anti-Defamation League Chairman insults you in public.

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