Riding The Horse – Part Fourteen – Just A Hobby

Lou Jacobi had a skit on the LP Record “ The Wonderful World Of Being Jewish “ where he told of keeping bees in a jar. It was his hobby to go out and collect bees and put them in a jar and watch them. The straight man in the skit asked him if he put holes in the top of the jar – Lou said “ No “

“ But then the bees would die! “ said the straight man. “ So what, “ says Lou “ It’s just a hobby…”.

No hobbyist should ever adopt the attitude that whatever they do is “ just “ a hobby. It may not be their prime activity in life, and they are wise to recognise the whatever as a hobby, but there is no reason to reduce it with the qualifier “ just “. For a real hobbyist the activity is also a real one and valuable to them beyond many others.

Once you start to reduce your desire for information, activity, precision, reach, and success, you might as well give it up as a bad job and spend your time in the pub looking at the televised horse races. Your mind and body will rot in there, of course, but you’ll be no worse than the careless dilettante who loses interest in their hobby.

Give me the enthusiast, fanatic, or club bore any day of the week. They may be intensely painful, but at least they are alive.

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