At What Point Do You Turn Away?

Suppose you are at a cocktail party and enjoying a drink. You feel yourself to be amongst interesting people. Some are strangers – some are acquaintances – some are friends. You keep silent but listen.

Today’s question is…what do you do when you hear something appalling? A person espousing a foul cause, or extolling some monstrous tyrant. A subtle or not-so-subtle piece of bigotry or hate speech. An invitation to become as foul as the speaker by listening to the rant. What do you do?

  1. Explode in rage, drawing all eyes and ears upon you as you publicly berate the offender.
  2. Become violent and strike the miscreant with the nearest weapon. Continue until they are dead.
  3. Burst into tears and wail inconsolably.
  4. Rise and throw the chains of slavery from you, becoming a new Messiah and super-hero to all social groups. Blaze forth glory from your face and cast tablets to the ground. Part the waters of the sea and raise the dead from their graves.
  5. Be taken by winged chariots through parted clouds of glory to sit at the right hand of God.
  6. Drift away toward the chips and dip and ignore the twit.

I review this list every time someone on Facebook  makes a particularly stupid or repulsive statement. So far I have only done one of the things on the list, but I’m considering sampling the joys of others pretty soon.

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