Riding The Horse – Part Seven – The Science Of Art

Don’t be intimidated by the use of the term “ Art “. As no-one knows what it means, you are as free as anyone to define it for yourself. You will be criticised for this, as you would have been had you not done it. That is the nature of creative hobbies and businesses – they are equally divided between the people who can do and those who cannot…but who can be critical of the do-ers.

Art? Painting, drawing, sculpture, glasswork, pottery, ornamental metalwork, writing, poetry, singing, dancing, or any stage or motion picture performance. Or anything you declare to be Art. Just be consistent in telling people that it is an art and eventually they will give in. 

There is a reflection of Art in Science, though you rarely find people pursuing it as a hobby. Nevertheless there are birdwatchers and amateur geologists in abundance and the hobby astronomer has often been guilty of discovering new planets. Amateur scientists working in explosives are also found occasionally throughout the suburbs, but usually prefer to keep their activities hidden. Hidden until the smoking hole appears where the shed used to be that is. I know several streets in suburbs down which I will not drive.

Art can be rewarded by prizes and adoration, but most often isn’t. There are suburban contests whenever a shire council wants to get some free publicity pictures and there is a chance at most agricultural shows for the amateur artist to exhibit their limitations. Even when they get to the status of national treasure or artist-in-residence, they are unlikely to be making a living out of the thing and so, to a certain extent, it can be considered a hobby. To become really successful and have the price of their art rise to collectable status an artist needs to die in poverty – preferably in some sordid way – and be rediscovered by someone with a gallery, a press agent, and a cash register.

 Nevertheless, there is a singing reward to the hobbyist artist who performs their magic for themselves. Some even achieve an actual aesthetic sense that is all the reward they need. 

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