The First Hot Days

The first hot days of late spring have let us know that we will be warm this summer. This is the case nearly every year and even the silliest of us should have twigged to it by now. In past years I have gone along with the gag and consented to be uncomfortable for months. This year I am going to revolt. I have the weapons at hand.

a. I have an air conditioner in my study. When the heat rises I am going to retreat to this room, damn the expense, and continue in comfort.

b. I am going to rise with the lark. Getting older does that to you – I can only assume that the lark has a dodgy bladder as well. Never mind, while I am up, I might as well get on with scraping the carcase, boiling the coffee, and sending out the posts. Also the laundry and other menial tasks. It is cool in the dawn.

c. The workshop heats rapidly, so part of the early morning will be devoted to what might be done in comparative comfort. The later morning will be reserved for whatever spray painting jobs have been lined up, as the heat will make the paint flow better and the noon to 4:00 o’clock period will be perfect for still air and heat curing of the paint.

d. Work on small kits in the study is easy…I have a portable modeller’s workstation I cobbled up last year. I just pick it up, move into the house, and carry on.

e. The period just after lunch is going to be devoted to a deliberate siesta. I am retired and have the time for this, and find that it is a very refreshing thing. And hour and a half is more than enough to energize me to go all evening when it is cool.

f. Gotta go somewhere? Drive in the heat of the day with the A/C in the car going.

g. Gonna wear heavy restricting clothing in the heat? Nope. Gonna wear cargo shorts, thongs, and a tee-shirt. I’m home and I can dress to please myself. Begone shoes…

h. Water? We have one of those cooler things and I might as well use it more.

i. Fremantle Doctor coming in? Open the house to it. The workshop has a whirlybird and big open Rolladoor.

j. Salad. Cold meat and cheese. Sushi. Just because we have an oven doesn’t mean we have to live in it.

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