I Intend To Stand For Parliament

In case the level of the debate in the House or Senate rises and any of it gets on my clothes. Never get that stuff out with laundry soaker…

Here in Australia we have a House of Representatives that makes legislation and a Senate that makes trouble. This is no surprise to most of the people as we are generally aware of the quality of the self-seekers we have elected. Rather like the people in North America, we are occasionally presented with a good selection of politicians and occasionally just given the week-old produce to pick over.

Recently the Senate has seen more theatre than we pay for in speeches by extremist politicians and dirty work at the crossroads in sneaking extremist slogans through disguised as legislation. Fortunately the press catches and publicizes it and the guilty parties are castigated. But we are still left with the goober politicians who regard themselves as very clever in having achieved notoriety yet again.

The country as a whole is fairly conservative and reasonably liberal in its behaviour…using those words in a true sense…and usually recovers from this sort of thing. As long as we avoid another Keating in the PM position we can speak with other nations. If we could get rid of Katter and Hanson, we could speak to Queensland…


Recently we’ve seen dirty work at the crossroads in public votes and private statements as the Senate has been cozened into listening to extremist speeches and voting for right-wing slogans. Don’t worry – it’ll reverse the other way soon and they’ll be bleating the other side of politics.

What to do about it? Apart from rejoice that as yet the worst we’ve ever had as a Prime Minister was Paul Keating and that we are unlikely to get the worst of the goobers from Queensland in front-bench positions? Well, we can sit down and watch the show on the television as a great many Parliamentary debates are transmitted…and we can think about whether the person we voted for is actually doing anything past drawing a salary.

We only get to pluck them free from the public teat every three years or so, but we can save up our impressons and opinions until then.

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