Life In The Catheter Hotel

Those of you who want to get a little quality time to themselves would be well advised to pick a toenail and have it removed…

Whether you do it like a friend did under a closing door, or as I did in a professional setting, the following week can become a wonderful opportunity to develop the character.

I have opted for the last 5 days to lay about at my ease with a staff of young ladies who squeeze my arm late at night, connect me to machines , and stab me in the stomach every morning with a small needle. It is an acquired taste, and I am looking forward to never doing so…

Cellulite is a wonderful invention to sell slimming creams to people but cellulitis is more serious. The toenail trouble spread and for a time threatened to come all the way up the leg… It has been dosed and dismissed and is retreating, but will need a few more days to entirely vanish.

I ask my readers to be patient until I am back in the office and my leg is not being propped up at an angle.


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