Dining At The Seniors Table

Having come to the conclusion that my spring chicken days are quite some little time ago, I can approach senior’s events with a little more equanimity. One week I attended one that seemed to be organised partially as a sales meeting and partially as an entertainment. I hasten to add, I was part of the sales and not the entertainment, though I did my best.

I do not begrudge the governmental agency nor the private telecommunications firm the opportunity they took to use a seniors recreation organisation to bring in potential customers – they also disseminated very useful information for the old folks and didn’t beat them on the head to get money out of them.

The venue was also well-chosen. A central point served by  buses as well as having extensive free parking and a large, warm meeting hall. With freebies, welcoming coffee and cupcakes, and a free lunch, it was as hospitable as you could ever ask for.

My part – table attendant and salesman for the old camera shop where I used to be employed – was easy work to do and I welcomed a chance to run some of the old communications skills up again. I can be very sympathetic to older folk and tailor the conversation to suit their ( our…) needs. I think I’d be a good senior salesman still if it did not involve standing for 8 hours and trying to deal with impossible computer programs.

Did the old folks get something out of the day? I like to think so – I’m sure we gained new customers for the shop and training facility if it can be made comfortable for them to come and visit. And I think I had a very good idea for the  Photo Live 2018 trade day later in the year – based upon dealing with seniors as a senior. Hope my voice holds up.

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