Home Three – Light

live at home.

That means I get to say what the home looks like – and what it functions like – and one of the functions I insist on are good candles. Or, rather, good electric lights, well-placed.

People who live in commercial premises are subject to the designs of the owners of those premises. If the owners decide that the place will be lit with glow-worms and the dying embers of a peat fire, the visitors have to put up with it. If they are old visitors, they suffer doubly – mood lighting and cataracts do not mix, unless the mood you want to engender is resentment…

In my home I have a light where I need it and experiment has shown me what colour and intensity is best for the task. It can vary widely – the workbench in my Little Workshop has overlapping LED goosenecks while my reading chair has a soft incandescent behind the headrest. The bedroom has ceiling downlights that illuminate the bed for reading or Kama Sutra. The bathrooms have heater/light combinations that make mornings bearable.

Foresight and ingenuity on the part of my wife led to the installation of rooftop solar panels and a good deal of the electricity needed to run these night-time aids comes from them. I am grateful every night. Even on the nights that don’t have Kama Sutra…



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