Two Wheel 2018 – Part Three – Art And Oddity

The art first – the motorcycle in the heading image was one of the exhibits brought from Japan for the 2018 WAHRS. It was alone on a plinth outside the stand with the original Mooneyes dragster. I got there just as Baron von Harney’s Flying Circus hove up and swooped on the stall-holders. Poor, bemused Japanese people. They probably wondered if someone was going to turn cannibal next. In the event, they just got glamour girls and Harney.

Now the bike was a beauty – in fact it excited John to admiration for the workmanship and flow of the design. And he has a hard eye to please – he appreciates original manufacture far more than bolt-on hot rodding…and he’s seen a lot more of the sport and art than most people at the show.

There were also some more historic devices propped up nearby. I like these for the period feel of them – as is the case with the motor scooters, I would be deadly afraid to try to ride on in the metro area but would welcome a chance in the country. Mind you, that would probably be as disastrous with me at the handlebars as well…

I can do as much damage in a little Suzuki sedan as needs be – motorcycles are just compounding the danger.

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