Feeling For The World Is Not the Same…

It is not the same as feeling with the world, nor is it the same as feeling at the world. Let me explain.

Note: It isn’t about feeling at all. Put feeling out of your mind – unless you want to feel. It is about how you live your own life in relation to everyone else.

A. If you feel for the world you act to please other people – but you act to please them in expectation of some reward. The reward might be income, plaudits, interest, trophies…all legitimate things, but all really a fee that you hope to earn with your feeling. ( It’s not about feeling unless you want to feel. )

The greatest danger to you is if you do not please the world and they do not reward you. You don’t get the job, you don’t win the prize, you don’t get a good review…the only thing that is left to you is guilt and despondency.

The second greatest danger is if you do win the approval, job, prize, love…if that occurs you are a bought body. They have you, and you cannot break free without condemning yourself to…guilt and despondency. You might as well feel bad early and get used to it.

B. If you feel with the world you are a marvel of sympathy. Everyone can demand this emotion of you and everyone will get it – until eventually you are ready to kill the next person you see. Extreme empathy is as dangerous as nerve gas or Lewisite, but without giving you that warm fuzzy feeling. Once you start to be compassionate for everything that comes onto your computer or television screen you will be marked as a mark. And it can mark you for life.

You will receive the most appallingly crass machine-made letters in the post asking for money for undefined orphans in ill-conceived places. The only thing that will really relate to you is your name and address, and you may have given this over in an entry to a supermarket contest. No amount of money will be refused but no amount of money is ever enough. You are connected by your own hand to a financial milking machine and until you throw off the suckers you will have extremely sore teats.

C. If you feel at  the world – defy it and dare it to do its worst – you can  sure that it will take notice of you and diligently fulfill that request.

The internet will be your court and the trolls will be your judge and jury. Anything you do will be laughed at ( unless you are a stand-up comedian ) and you will be mocked mercilessly. Memes will be drawn and written and shared – and they may not even be funny memes. You’ll have to wear it, because if you don’t…you’ll be pilloried as a bad sport. if you acquiesce you’ll be pilloried as a coward.

Try to get a pillory with a padded seat, as you’ll be there a long time. Get used to the sound of derisive laughter and the feel of squishy tomatoes hitting you in the head.

So. What to do?

Well, I was going to suggest that you feel your way along – being sympathetic to real people for real reasons…and not really caring if they can ever repay you. And that you still rage against things you feel are wrong – but don’t feel bad when your desire for change or justice or revenge or a dry pair of socks is not fulfilled. And that you feel for your wallet and   make sure that it is still there while feeling for the bin – and that’s where the dodgy charity letters can go.

But I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that. I’ll need to log into Feelbook and see what I’m supposed to feel.

PS: Also a good idea to feel around behind you for a good big rock, occasionally.


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