The Little World – ” The Name Is Bond…”

” Plasti-Bond “.

The tube, tin, or bucket of good old Plasti-Bond ( Filled resin putty that sets with a chemical catalyst – similar to the material that is used to bond glass fibre cloth together.) has had a mixed reputation here in Australia. No matter who makes it, and for what it is used, it always seems to be judged as a second-rate material.

I guess this might have started with the motor trade as panel beaters ( Auto body shops in North America…) discovered that it would fill in small irregularities in metal panels that would have taken hours of dolly work and hammering to straighten. Fair enough for very small irregularities, but some tradesmen used enormous quantities of it and structural failures were inevitable. “Plazzing-up” a body was thought the height of amateurism or dodgy work.

Yet, the material is absolutely perfect for repairing fibre-glass caravan bodies and dealing with holes and cracks in home building materials. If used right, with anchoring and adequate filling and curing, it can do things that nothing else will.

I have just repaired the crisper tray in the refrigerator with it, and the ice tray in the freezer. Broken bits were glued together with humble Humbrol model kit cement – and it is a very tough cement – and then reinforced with metal plates, bars, and Plasti-Bond. The temperature in the shed today is perfect – not too high as to make mixing the resin dodgy, but warm enough to set it perfectly in half an hour.

As I had an unused tin of Plasti-Bond and plenty of metal and screws, I can fairly say to myself that the problems were solved for free.

Note: For Little World use, I run a fine line of Plasti-Bond into gaps that will not fill with Tamiya putty. It has more body and will stand the strain better.

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