The Little World – Beating The Heat

Today is hot and muggy here in Perth – we are due for a thunderstorm. It is a reminder that it will get hotter as summer comes on – we can expect 36º to 42º for at least two to three weeks in the peak time.

Hobby building in my shed is a misery then – the interior temperature in the place climbs to 38º by mid-morning and it is all you can do to stick it out in the heat to do a project. It even drove me out of my computer room, and that meant I had to sit around the place thinking up trouble. To prevent this, the wife put and air conditioner on the computer rom – I can stay there typing and imaging all day.

It occurred to me that if I can do that, there, I can do this, here. ( And all you English teachers out there can grind your occlusal surfaces in impotent rage. That’s a real sentence. ). Today I made a modelling tray to bring inside for the summer. It will also serve in the depths of the July and August cold.

Okay, it’s not the complete workshop – but then it can’t be. The workshop has dust and spray paint and mess, and I need to keep this room clean. So I’ll use it for good old plastic modelling with brush painting. I have that pile of kits to build, and if the weather is dreadful, I can sit in here. It’s the reverse of my childhood in Canada when I took refuge from the snow by building kits on the kitchen table.

Note the portable palette containing the tools – this can go back and forth from inside to shed as needed. It was free. The hobby tray was free, too, courtesy of the packaging on the new kitchen, which was not free. At this point of time I wish to ask the members of the Little World congregation to come together and pray that the new ovens and stove work when they are connected tomorrow…we are sick of Subway and pub meals.


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