The Little World – The Collector’s Contest

My monthly visit to the model collector’s club in June was very pleasant. I was presented with a trophy – ” equal second place ” for a diorama I had set up, and as it was the first time in decades that I have exhibited anything…including manners…I was quite flattered. But a little taken aback, as well, when I realised that each meeting has a keenly contested competition upon set lines for club members to display their models…to each other.

The items displayed were interesting…in some instances delightful. It was a modest little contest and I suppose eventually little trophies will be earned and awarded. But do I need trophies and contests to enjoy The Little World? Is not the sight of the models and the fun of either finding or building them reward enough? Will LW people fall into the trap of the photographic clubs and give themselves over to competition rather than artistic fun? Will they then take the next steps into certification, judging, accreditation, experts, icons, mentors, superstars, and ambassadors?

I hope not. I don’t think I could stand another set of superstars. Or bitter rivalries. Or brand-fans who fight it out verbally. Please just let it be pluggers, young and old, who like toys and models of things.


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