The Slug Of The Month Club

So many offers are delivered daily through our internet connections and in the advertising flyers that crowd the post box that we can sometimes miss out on the most exciting ones. Like the Slug of The Month Club.

The SOTMC delivers large, fresh, moist slugs to your door on the second Tuesday of each month for a very reasonable price. You can order the Sample Six-Pack, the Slimy Dozen, or the Save-As-You-Spend Variety Pack with two dozen assorted molluscs pre-packed in separate containers and ready for use.

All of the SOTMC products are certified by the Australian Garden Institute and can be relied upon to work straight out of the box. In addition, they carry a full 6 month guarantee of freshness. You get the squelch you want or your money back!

Call now on 9457 5856 and ask for your complementary slug-tongs and umbrella grease with your first order. You won’t be sorry.


2 thoughts on “The Slug Of The Month Club

  1. I was very disappointed. There were three slugs short of a dozen and the nine arrivals fought with the established garden residents. The slug prongs were just a tube of toothpicks and I’m still waiting for the umbrella grease…. *sigh*

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    1. Thank you for your feedback. We are pleased to see that you are so delighted with our service, and have put your ringing endorsement at the top of our advertising page with 7 stars. It was edited a bit for clarity, and in the absence of any photo of you we have used a stock shot of Sally Kellermann in spangly tights. Watch for our next offer -if you have ever wondered what a J-35 jet engine can do for improving circulation this will be the one for you.

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