The Wet, Frozen Wedding

Today is wet and cold. It is also Saturday – the traditional day in Australia for weddings.

Somewhere in the metro area there is a bride, groom, wedding party, celebrant, and congregation shivering their shows off and praying that the reception venue is warm. Or at least dry.

I can only hope the groom has had a good stiff shot of rye to give him courage. Likewise the bride. It’ll be a tough one in the Baptist churches today…

The gardens pictures will be memorable. The bridal party huddling under umbrellas or trying to avoid the drip from the bridal arch that looked so romantic in the brochure. The limousine driver putting out the red carpet, then deciding whether to pick it up again, wring it out, and stow it in the boot…or just drive away and leave it in the mud.

I’ll bet the celebrant doesn’t tarry with the ceremony. No long pauses or flights of oratory. In between ” Dearly Beloved” and ” Kiss The Bride” there will be very few pauses.

And here is the funnest part – a few of the weddings will be outdoor affairs with no cover. No shelter. No Plan B. It’s A Man’s Life In The Regular Brides…

I’m not shooting today. I’m here in the house typing away. I can read a calendar and a Met map.


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