Click Bait Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar

Two shared posts on Facebook yesterday – from two separate friends – resulted in one of those pop-up ” You have been selected to receive…” scam ads. In both cases it was the same ad, and it provided no escape spot to purge it until you went further than you wished. They are both gone now, but one assumes there are hundreds more tagged onto the more sensational news stories that people see.

I protested to both of the Facebook friends that there were pop ups triggering. Perhaps they did not get them when they first saw the articles, but the fact that they can be attached is going to make any future sharing from these people suspect. It looks as though I am going to have to extend my rule of cynical denial yet further.

I am also curious about the shared posts that seem to be more incendiary than normal. I do realise that the business of sharing is generally a mindless one and bear little resentment to those who are in the habit of doing it. It is not much different from the practise of appending ” What he said. ” to someone else’s post. Not all of us can form an original thought and express it – and for good acoustics there always has to be an echo. And who doesn’t like parrots – they can be colourful and amusing as they repeat what they hear without understanding what it means…

But is it only that? Are my Papagenos and Papagenas of social media really unaware of the things they squawk? Or are they just trying to bait up a fight on Facebook? Are their mornings so dull that they require a screaming match amongst their correspondents to give the day a reason? Perhaps it time to open the penalty box door and shoo them inside for a few weeks. Or open the stadium door and conduct them to the street…


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