The Boosters Club

Are You a Booster?

You’re not a Booster? Well sit right down here beside me and I’ll sign you right up. Now you can become a Full Booster, or a Semi-Booster, or a Little Bit Of A Booster…but you get a better price on your boosting if you become a Full Booster right away.

Now we also have Booster auxiliaries if you are the partner of a Booster. It means that you can boost together, except that you’ll mostly be making pots of tea and doing the washing up. Oh, it’s a grand life in the Booster auxiliaries.

And don’t forget the Booster Convention Weekend in a famous holiday resort nearby. Boosters from all over the state will be attending and there will be speakers. You can hear a full  program of speeches all through the weekend.

Now make sure that you do not miss the Booster Gala Dinner because there will be a prize for the best costume featuring a Booster and then a speech and an election. If you are a Full Booster you will get to vote and if you are a Booster auxiliary you will get to make cups of tea.

I can hardly wait, can you…?



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