The Little World – The Brown Hand Society Strikes Again

Last year I was horrified to see the remains of a Rolls Royce parked at the WA Scale Model Exhibition in full view of the public. It was rotted, rank, and rusty, and showed that the owner had taken no steps to preserve it from the elements.

I walked away shaking my head, but determined to be too judgemental. Perhaps he had a bad childhood. Thank goodness it was only a one-off example of neglect.

Unfortunately it would appear that this sort of thing is becoming more prevalent. Three more of them have been uncovered. In each case they probably started out with just a little bit of trouble – perhaps a dented panel or a paint finish that needed some polishing…and look what they have ended up as.

I don’t know whether to complain to the model society committee, to the foundation for social outrage, or to the police inspections department. Something has to be done.

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