The Little World – Let’s Be Civil About This, Shall We…?

The cry of the scale modeller can be a bellicose one at times. Wherever I turned at the recent plastic model exhibition I saw instruments of destruction. Very well done, mind, but nevertheless reminders of war and disaster. I made a point of searching out equally well-made models that might have had a gentler theme:

Off on vacation with a Mercury woodie and a teardrop trailer from the late 40’s or early 50’s. The trailers were every bit as popular in the Big World too – if you were prepared to crouch a little you could save big on petrol.

Cruising for girls on a Saturday night. Wait a minute – that’s sort of like borderline warfare…better go to the next one…

Air racing – can’t get safer and saner than that. Well, at least the only one likely to get killed is the pilot and a few spectators.

Water bombing in Canada. Exciting and good for the environment. I’m surprised Justin Trudeau isn’t leaning out of the cockpit waving at the camera…

The dear old Calypso. Peacefully mapping the ocean floor for the French navy so that they can find quiet places to park their submarines…

I noted in the rulebook for the competitions that the organisers reserved the right to ban anything that they deemed offensive. It might sound silly, but I suspect it is a good rule – there have been a number of figurine models produced that seem to transcend the boundaries of good taste without ever approaching artistry. It was a family day and the families had a very good time of it.


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