The Little World – A Bust Up

Okay, Okay, was late at night and I’d been to the plastic model exhibition and that was a terrible pun. Hey, if it wasn’t for puns Stephen Pastis would be drawing croc panels…

Back to the expo. I always go to see the figure models first because I know they are so far away from what I do that I cannot feel jealous – just awed. If the people who do the figure modelling and painting could be chained up in the cellar and forced to make figurines for my 1:18th scale car collection I could give up Photoshop and just shoot straight tabletops…but you’re not allowed to chain people up these days. More’s the pity.

The smiling old gent is the same chap who modelled himself last year as a RAAF member. This time it is as a 1977 recruit and man at a memorial service – the expression is a dead giveaway. I found it delightful that a person can have this much sense of humour with their modelling – I wish many others would pursue the hobby with the same light touch. That they do not was evident when listening sideways at conversations from competitors in the modelling contest. They did not quite set upon each other with fire axes but I think that this was probably due to the fact that the management of the exhibition centre remove them when modellers are coming.

The 1916 poilu and 1941 Wehrmacht soldier were well done, and as vivid as the camera depicts. The positioning of them was perfect for this shot – I didn’t touch a thing.

The Maori warrior? Well, a good modelling job, but you might do well to remember what he looks like when next someone uses the term ” noble savage “. Presumably he regains his dignity after the battle.

The Afghan girl is a figure tribute to a famous photograph. The famous photographer who took it has come under some amount of flak with controversial assertions that the image is sometimes doctored…but then that does not stop it from being an arresting image. And no-one complains when Pinchas Zukerman fiddles with things…

And my favourite – the full-length figure of ” Sailor” Malan…the South African ace pilot from the Battle of Britain. I think the depiction is accurate and the blue rim on the government-issue teacup is the ideal finishing touch.

Today I am going to go back and give someone what they deserve – I’ll tell you about it on Monday.



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