Whats-a Matter You? Hey!

Gotta no respec’?

This theme song for the over 60’s was-a sung by Joe Dolce in the early 80’s. He’s-a now the same age as-a me and I salute his wisdom in penning those lyrics all-a that time ago in preparation for our retirement.

What-a you t’ink you do?

I work all-a time. But I no work-a for the boss. I work-a for me anna family. We live in-a de clean house. We eat-a de good food. We gotta all-a we need.

Why you look-a so sad?

Because all-a the time people no respect-a me. I’m-a want big handshake and slap-a the back an’ tell-a me how great I am. And it don’t-a happen.

It’s-a not so bad.

Okay, well maybe they dont-a slap-a my back but then again…but Hey, they don’t-a slap-a my face. An’ they can’t slap-a me in jail.

It’s-a nice-a place.

Yeah, Australia is a nice-a place. No so nice if-a you in Sydney but den again dat’s-a Sydney…An’ we got-a de whole Nullarbor between us-a and dem.

I’m gonna shut up-a my face.






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