The Little World Has A Win

The Little World is rarely a sad place – normal life has enough of that to fill the rest of the day – when I turn to my model-building hobby and photography I get to be happy and interested. And to occasionally score a victory.

This week saw two of those times – a simple discovery in the local hardware shop of a bargain source of material and the equally simple discovery of a part for a model that is provided by a yoghurt company.

The first success was in finding a small, cheap source of paint for model buildings. As I build in 1:18th and 1:12th scale, I do need a fair amount of paint sometimes – unlike the 1:43rd and 1:64th builders who can pretty much paint anything with pots of Tamiya, Humbrol, or Mr Hobby acrylics. They are fine paints but only come in smallish bottles and spray cans – they are best reserved for vehicles and delicate detail parts. I need to cover foamcore board buildings.

Bunnings – the local get-your-fix place for builders and fixers – has lots of paints but the smallest tins of standard acrylics are about 1 litre and start out costing $ 25.00 – $ 30.00. If your basic building cost is $ 20.00 that’s a big ask. What I was delighted to find this week were $ 2.00 pots of Dulux paint in various shades of white. They are a proper semi-matt paint intended as samples and testers. But a $ 2.00 pot is more than enough to paint even a big 1:18th building.

The joyous thing is that they are thin-able with water, and tint-able. I am going to try a few squirts of the Vallejo acrylic colour into a half pot and see if I can come up with a good Nile Green for a service building.

They also respond very well to foam brushes, either roller or flat, and the brushes wash out really well at the end. It’s a whole new chapter in Little World decoration.

Now for the second score – I needed roof ventilators for the model sound studio I was building  – something like the Whirly-Bird extractor fans we have in Australia. My daughter’s boyfriend came up with the part – they are the tops cut off Chobani yoghurt packets. Rinsed, sawn apart, and spray painted, they have started to do duty on the sound stage building of The Goldfisch Studios.  And they cost nothing at all…a good price.

Don’t be alarmed if I fossick through your rubbish on Bin Night. I am just modelling frugally.


2 thoughts on “The Little World Has A Win

  1. Love little ‘victories’ like yours, Dick, when it comes to creative and cost-effective solutions. When buying any item, I always consider two propositions: what is it worth to the seller and what is it worth to me? if the two don’t align, I’m happy to bail out of the transaction.
    Richard Goodwin, Wembley Downs


    1. Richard, I’m just amazed when I find out all the stuff I already have but haven’t used yet, and what can be made of it. Fishing something out of the junk tray that has been there for at least 40 Years and finding that it is perfect for a new build is like being in an Indiana Jones movie. Except I still don’t get to carry a Mauser pistol when I go down to the shops.


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