The Holiday Season

We sure are Spartans when it comes to holidays here in Western Australia. We’ve just coped with Buddha’s Birthday, and some of us have managed 2 seders and are in the middle of a week eating squares of religious chipboard.

Today we all start the Easter cycle, and it’s not an electric start, either – most places of entertainment are shut, including the pubs, and the only general movement is the desperate holiday-makers driving south. Even they have it hard – there are double-demerit points for every imaginable road offence as well as increased fines. Those of us who are going to stay at home have it lucky.

Saturday will be chaos piled on madness as the whole town tries to buy food, petrol, and chocolate eggs. They could have done that on Thursday or Wednesday or any day back to last Easter, but they haven’t. The lines at the checkouts will be long and fuming.

I plan to retreat – to my little world. The Goldfisch Studios buildings are all complete and it is now time to assemble them in various combinations and lay the groundwork for a Hollywood Honeys advertising shoot. I’ve gotten a new batch of models – both human and miniature – and it is time to play again.

The really good news for me is that this year I also have a couple of new outlets for my studio work – I joined an internet exchange group that takes model car pictures and I also joined a physical collector’s group here in Perth. At least I think I have – apparently due to club rules my application for membership must be tabled for a month to allow the members to decide whether I am collectible. I shall visit the meeting in clean clothing and not break wind.

At least there will be chocolate this weekend. I’ve been given a number of celebration rabbits and I’m sure there will be more coming. Over-priced, over-sugared, and over-decorated they may be, but I love ’em.



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