46 Years At Bunnings

And Boy! Was that ever a long line at the cashiers…! I went out tonight for some epoxy glue and two sample pots of Dulux paint to my old standard Bunnings store. It’s the Australian equivalent of Home Depot. They do DIY hardware supplies as well as trade materials and homewares. You can pretty well figure on finding some way to do something with the tools or materials there – even if you do not do it as well as a professional.

It is also the male equivalent of the perfume and makeup counters at Myers…you walk past rows of tempting tools and find yourself fingering the impact drills when you really only came there for a paintbrush. It is a marketing approach that the supermarkets use to make you pass by the chocolates and chips on the way to the broccoli. For all I know, Bunnings may sell broccoli.

The shock of the evening came when I realised that I have been buying things from that location for 47 years.It’s expanded somewhat in the time but the core supply of MDF board, paint, and glue have seen me through innumerable models and structures. They never have exactly what you want in a quantity that precisely fits your project – forcing you to compromise or overbuy nuts, bolts, washers, etc. IKEA do this too. In the end if you live long enough and make enough garden furniture you can use up the spare iron.

I don’t build lawn furniture, but I have furnished two houses and a studio through this shop.

Two things I will complement them on – they have managed to source light-duty cheap power tools at extremely inexpensive prices. The hard-users will be disappointed in the Ozito brand, but we hobbyists who under-run most tools will get good value.The trick is to never buy cheap drill bits or abrasive tools for these – the thing that does the cutting must be top-notch.

And the other thing – bless them for staying open to 9:00 PM most week nights. Easter will be a mess, but not too bad – as long as you stock up on sanding belts and tiger bolts  on Thursday you can make it through Friday.


2 thoughts on “46 Years At Bunnings

  1. The only sad reality is that Bunning staff are sometimes a bit too proud to exclaim to the pocket sensitive local Australian… come back with any price from your local shop and we’ll squash it. Thats my only gripe but i suppose its a big problem of big fish always seeming to win by gobbling little fish.
    When you hit 50 years Dick, we should have a bunnings sausage sizzle celebration to commemmorate the auspicious milestone!


    1. That’s actually a good idea! I don’t always get a sausage when I go to the place, butwhenever i do i make sure to drop mustard on myself on the way home in the car. And there is nothing like the feeling you get as the last half-chewed lump of bread and meat tries to get past the seatbelt as you wait at the lights…


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