The Little World – Frugal Is Another Word For Cheap

And I am getting to be as cheap as…

As a follow-on from my post regarding the use of ” that ” at model expositions, I have decided to go around to our local road verges and make models of the structures that are found there. It would appear to be a fertile field of endeavour. There is more junk at the side of the road than at the council tip.

And I don’t mean just on ” clean-up ” verge collection week, either. Every street in Perth has its share of post boxes, telephone booths, electricity boxes, hydrants, and connectors. I have barely scratched the surface with these six items. When I start to make bus stops the thing will blow out of all proportion.

These are humble models in 1:18th scale. They are mostly foam-core board with a wrap of drawing paper and the occasional plastic detail. The signs are drafted on the computer, printed out, then glued on. They have the virtue of being dimensionally correct as I went round to our local road verges and measured the originals myself – to the amusement of the locals. The colours are correct because I took digital pictures of them as I worked – this was also a source of detail for the signs.

I spent nothing on them save time and all the materials came from overflowing scrap bins. I probably have enough off-cuts of larger projects to make up the entire suburb.

The beauty of them is they will allow me to make a diorama presentation of something as simple as a road junction or car park that will feature a number of vehicles but with an authentic stage setting. People won’t realise why it looks right, as most of the time these humble little boxes and fittings are mentally invisible.

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