When Is It New – And When Is It Old?

Went to dinner one Saturday night – a modest thing at a local shopping centre. Took a friend and we had drinks and a meal. The food was excellent and the staff pleasant. It is such a delight to be able to go to a local venue rather than traipse halfway across town to  try to find a parking space in a dodgey neighbourhood*.

But what gives with no serviettes or napkins?

None. Not for me and not for anyone else in the place. I had a pocket-handkerchief and  the front of my shirt, but that was the only assistance I was going to get with splops and spills. Someone forget the paper napkin order this week? Or is it another one of these ” new-trendy ” things?

I’ll visit again, because it is nice enough, but I’ll take a bedsheet with me and throw it about if I am forced to use it as a napkin. Might even offer an unused corner to diners on another table. After all, what are manners for, eh?

*Any neighbourhood I park in is dodgey


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