Welcome To The Diecast Collectors

If you read my little note in the Diecast Collector’s Forum and have just tried out this weblog column – welcome. The administrator of the DCF was very kind in letting me put that little piece of advertising for this and my other column – Dr. Stein’s Photographic Establishment. I won’t impose further on him by repeating the advert but if you find some value in what I write, please tell other hobbyists to come here.

As you know I do scale model photography of my diecast collection – you’ve seen some of the results in the past few months. The DCF is a wonderful discovery for me as I thought I was alone in the way I pursue the hobby. It is greatly heartening to discover that people from all over the world also put time and effort into model photography. Of course they all have different tastes as far as the models they collect, but that is what makes the hobby go so well.

In the archives of this column are a number of essays dealing with my first discoveries in the techniques – I collected them under the ” Hot Rod Honeys ” banner – you’ll find a whole series of them scattered over the years. I don’t think the internet ever loses anything so if you want to see what got me going, it is all there somewhere. I am a little frightened to review it all as it is probably riddled with spelling and grammatical errors – plus the photos have been a developing process (…not a pun…) and some of the early efforts look crude now.

Still – it is all fun. I just repainted a Model T delivery van today that you’ll eventually see, and the Model A Ford got an authentic 1930’s Kodak sign tying it to Australia…and eventually tying it to one of my new Australian dioramas.

So please keep reading. If you are a keen photographer the other column is at:


You’ll find diecasts over there too, but a lot more photographic topics.

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