Vote Lamington For The Riverton Electorate

This Saturday sees a state government election for Western Australia. I want all my North American and European readers to get out on the streets and protest strongly over the issues here. Never mind that you are not citizens or electors. If we had the decency  to throw ourselves around like pigs in a futile fit about the American presidency or Britain and the EU, you have a moral duty to do the same for us. A hint: The government party is disliked. But then so is the opposition and the other hopefuls.

For our part we will vote – at the local school or shire hall – and do so in an orderly fashion. There will be a gauntlet of party supporters to run from the carpark to the demountable classroom that holds to polling station and the unwary may find themselves clutching a dozen how-to-vote advice cards and other propaganda. I am happy to say that there are very few disturbances amongst the political supporters. If you want to pass through them and take nothing, they are legally bound to let you do so. I find a good sneeze and a streaming handkerchief gets me a clear passage.

The state election is in the demountable – the real election is in the school playground outside it. That is where the ladies of the school support group set up tables to sell home-baked goods. It pays to go early and it pays to take enough change with you – some of the trays of lamingtons and lemon slices are magnificent. One lady baxter in particular I know from previous elections and I will stalk her like a trophy deer.

They can elect who they like for the state legislature – I intend to vote for her and her lemon slice.

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