Shop Locally – Steer Locally

dscf6408We are always being bombarded with encouragement to keep our business within the local community – ” Buy H—-y Fresh Milk ” – “Keep Aussie Jobs ” -” Don’t Sell Off The Power Grid/Freezer Works/ Public Toilets ” etc. In most cases this is very good advice – but it does not go far enough. Australians need to boost our local economy by degrading that of our competitors.

Now you may argue that this has been the policy for a century of trade tariffs and restrictions by federal governments…and so it has. But it has also been punctuated by wild periods of buying anything that could be floated ashore and broken open on the beaches. By and large we evened out the balance, and then tilted over to the debt side when the beads and trinkets being offered by the traders got to be shinier and more expensive. The time has come to reverse the trend.

It can be started with the motor-car industry. Our local factories have been closed by the international companies that opened them decades ago and the substitute of ” world cars ” offered. World cars generally means a rebadged low-line model to soak up the life savings of the masses and an eye-wateringly expensive flash toy to get the mining, mistress, and drug money. Very few of them are useful for Australian conditions and they are all an impost on the country.

The solution? A national vehicle maker producing a range of products for Australia. NOT the super-flash oh-so-styled European/Japanese/Chinese ones that drive down the ramp of the roll-off ships in Fremantle every week. Smaller, tougher, simpler, and cheaper. And the money be made to stay in the country that produces the iron ore, bauxite, wool, and petroleum from which they are made.

Shock, horror, woe. Nationalisation. That fascist/communist/socialist/papist/alien lizard overlord bogeyman that you can shake in front of people to get them to keep on giving their money to the CEO and major shareholders of Exxon/The Communist Chinese/General Pinochet/Sam’s Discount Store. The threat of bureaucracy that ignores the fact that private corporations are a duplication of bureaucracy…

I vote that the National Vehicle Maker – you think up a catchy name for it – produces 4 varieties of vehicle for sale to Australians. A sedan, a station wagon, a ute, and an off-roader. I would be willing to bet that these can ALL be made off one basic chassis with just a change of bodywork and they need not be the monstrous inflated whales that we see being imported.

And after the 4 lines are ready to go in the showrooms – the federal government should put a 100% tariff on imported vehicles. The screams from the major overseas manufactures can then be captured and funneled into wind farm turbines in South Australia to produce electricity.


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