The Retirement Scoreboard – Part Seven – The Expansion Of the Universe


Retired people have all the time in the world. So do people who are working full-time. So does the cat on the mat. Only the first and last-named get to enjoy it…

Time for a retired person expands and contracts. Either they have all day to do what they used to have to complete in 15 minutes or they have to try to cram an entire day into a quarter of an hour.

Actually, the expansion of time is even better than that. You used to have to try to clean the house each week on Saturday, as well as get in all the groceries and then a night’s entertainment. Sunday saw you shattered…indeed the cracks were starting to form around the edges about 5:30 Saturday afternoon and the night out was a pain.

Now you can take all week to do it, and the place looks fine. A retired couple can live cleaner and better for more days a week than when they were working – and they live in the house that all that working paid for.

They eat better too. No more hasty grabbed snacks at a desk or half-hour gobbles under the eye of the boss and the lash of the telephone. A retiree can make a simple egg on toast and eat it quietly at the kitchen table – with a book propped up in front of them – and gain more benefit than any business meal. Better…the egg and toast with the cup of coffee costs about $ 1.50. The lunch-bar meal with added fat costs $ 15. That’s a lot to swallow.

The expansion of time really becomes sweet about 5:30 when the shops shut. The retiree is at home with a cold brew. The worker is getting in the car and heading out onto the overheated and overcrowded freeway. Guess who feels better…

In the morning, the worker buckles themselves into their uniform – whether shop clothes or three-piece professional power-suit. The retiree picks the next item of clean old clothes from the shelf in the closet. It fits without pinching either the gut or wallet.

Retirement does not pay better, but it feeds, clothes, and entertains at a much happier level.

Note: Next Monday is Labour day in our state. In my retired state, I shall regard it as Monday.




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