The Little World – The $ 2 Toilet

dscf0003-copyDon’t panic…it won’t cost you $ 2 to spend a penny. The $ 2 price tag referred to is all the additional expense I have gone to to build a scale model toilet block. It is not quite done, as I have not decided which side is ladies and which is gents, and I’m not sure whether I should graffiti the walls…

It is going to be one of the main structures on a new 1:18 diorama; ” McConnell Beach Caravan Park “. As I hope to use 1950’s to 1970’s Australian vehicles on it, perhaps the graffiti is wrong – it did not get started here until much later…probably courtesy of seeing American TV shows. But there is nothing to stop me putting out overflowing 44-gallon drums as garbage bins – they were common enough all during the period. Mmmm…. scale garbage…

dscf0002The BBQ shelter and gas barbie were even cheaper, as they seem to have come together from scraps. I am happy to say that the local arts and crafts store has no idea how useful its goods can be and have not raised their prices accordingly. The big chain fabric and craft chain has, but any trip there is a test of the nerves. They are understaffed and overborne and the tannoy never stops calling for Mr. So-and-so to go to the front counter. It has driven me out the door with my wallet intact on more than one occasion.

Who would have thought scratch building could be this much fun? Or this cheap. And now that it has proved successful, every scrap of paper, wood, plastic, and metal is potentially a model.

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