The Yellow Jackets

dscf5057The heading image for this column is a red Chevrolet filled with people who are old enough.

Old enough to have free time on a Saturday morning. Old enough to know how to operate a sewing machine. Old enough to afford a red Chevrolet. Old enough to remember the red Chevrolet when it was brand new.

Old enough to appreciate rock and roll music. Old enough to know when it is appropriate to dress up. Old enough to have a good time dressing up.

Old enough to know better. But old enough not to care.

My kind of people. Ladies and one gentleman with a sense of fun and style. People who can make a day of it based upon looking good and dancing around.

I do envy the chap that yellow suit – not just the suit itself, but the hat and the red Chevrolet and the girls and the chance to be spectacular. To be the center of all eyes and all eyes approving.

And I do hope they come out to other car shows in Perth. We need more of this sort of thing…Perhaps they can become the face of the Custom Cars – far better than black tee shirts.



2 thoughts on “The Yellow Jackets

  1. Great piece Dick! I couldn’t agree with you more.


    1. Thank you Kim. I noticed that you were there and had fun as well. I hope someone takes up the challenge to stage a similar event in the future, now that they have settled upon a good venue.


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