Positive Positivity


I note that there are any number of memes on social media channels that urge us to be positive and to seek out positive people. None of them seem to originate from the Center For Disease Control in Atlanta, however. Nor is anyone really happy when their physician rings up and says the tests are positive…

Perhaps the memers ( is that a word? Memists? Memetics? Emetics? Very likely…) should substitute ” Happy ” for ” Positive ” because positivity can be linked to a number of people who we generally avoid. I have met people who are positive that space alien lizards are controlling the Illuminati-Mason-Ben and Jerry conspiracy that assassinated King George III in Dallas. It was the sort of positivity that grabbed you by the throat and shook violently.

Of course positivity can be a mask for negativity, just as gravy can be a mask for biscuits – though I would definitely favour the latter over the former. Particularly if it is red-eye gravy. If people are falsely positive they can be positively false.

Oh my god, that’s a meme. Where is my shoebox filled with rainbow sunsets images and the unicorn crayons? I’m onto a live one here. All I need to do is get elected as Prime Minister and I will have my first Brainy Quote…


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