The Inauguration Special

patriotic009Today, the 20th of January, is the day that the Presidential Inauguration will take place in Washington DC. Mr. Donald Trump will be sworn in as President for a term of 4 years. I believe the Vice-President will also take office today.

This will anger people here in Australia who do not like Mr. Trump or the Vice-President*. The fact that they did not have a say in the election, and will not have a say in his administration, will not stop them from having a say. He will likely never see or hear their disapproval but this will not deter them – most of the comments they post on social media or in the newspapers is for home consumption.

And who would deny them the freedom and pleasure of it? After all, if they become great wits amongst their friends then some good has come to their world. I’m not sure if any of the social commentators will dine out on anti-Trump rhetoric at this early stage of the term of office, but at least they can establish a prior claim for the ” I told you so ” stakes later on.

Hello…if that is the case, so can I… I’ve no more Washington contact or political expertise than any of the rest, but if it does not stop them, it should not stop me. Here are my predictions for the Trump presidency:

a. At some stage of the Trump presidency, he will make a blunder. A bad decision. A mistake. Every President from George Washington onwards has, and has had to bear it or correct it.

b. At some stage of the Trump presidency, he will make a brilliantly good decision. An insightful and statesmanlike action. Again everyone in the Oval office has done so. You sometimes have to wade through the fashionably damning biographies to find it, but it is there.

c. At some point he and his administration, and the country with it, will suffer horrid bad luck. Whether it be a natural or man-made disaster, it will happen. Again they will have to surmount it. The nation always has.

d. At some point the US, and he, and even the VP, will have a brilliant stroke of good fortune. Unexpected good luck that will benefit the country and their reputation. Again, his detractors will turn it all about trying to find a blemish on the blessing.

The interesting thing about all these inevitabilities will be that none of them will be at the let or hindrance of Facebook or news commentators in Australia. It is unlikely that  any part of the Australian government or opposition will play any part in it. No-one of us here at Coles or Woolies or IGA or the pub will be involved.

It might be thought, therefore, that we should save our breath to cool our porridge…but it is summer in Australia and who eats porridge in hot weather?

Good luck, Mr Trump. Rise to the dignity of the office. You will never lack for detractors – Presidents never do – but you can leave them powerless in the wake of good administration.

* An especial form of meanness – the VP has never harmed a fly…



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