Two More Family Hot Rods

dscf4384Readers of this column will remember seeing some of the junior rodders of the future in Melbourne attending the Victorian Hot Rod Show with their fathers. Likewise one small chap who was taking advantage of a push-start at the West Australian Hot Rod and Street Machine Show this last year. Well here are two more mini-vehicles from the 2016 Gillam Drive day.

These kids are troopers – Gillam Drive is hot. Their fathers are also to be commended for providing reliable propulsion in the heat. I’ll bet that they started to regret the idea about halfway down the strip…But if you start, you have to finish. Returning home without the kids when you very distinctly took them out the front door at the start of the day is bound to be noticed…

The pink custom is pretty much complete, and I would point out the inclusion of lakes pipes down the side. Plus the furry upholstery and the spectacle windscreen – there are show cars on the circuit with far less style.

dscf4436The open-wheel rod is a work in progress – as so many hot rods have been throughout the world. The frame with the dropped and drilled axle and the smooth bare bodywork show that there is a very high level of skill in the builder. But the bare engine compartment’s the fascinating thing. Whatever is going to be put in there?

I hesitate to tell the builder what to do. I can imagine a (very) small block Chevy in there or a confection of a Hemi. I can understand if it were to be a fabricated shell covering an electric drive – but how glorious if it could be a working ic engine…

Whatever the decision, I am going to keep my eyes peeled over the next few years for this car and the drivers. And the dad who built it. I just gotta see how it is finished and I would be delighted to be able to take studio pictures of it too.*

Stay tuned.

* Oh if there is any justice in the world, he should take it to the police pits when it is done and ask for a very small plate…and please tell me when it happens so that I can be there with the camera.


4 thoughts on “Two More Family Hot Rods

  1. The builder of the bare metal mini model A is Chad Atkinson of Silver Aces in Mt Barker, Western Australia. He built the scale cowl off a model a cowl I sold him a few years back. He’s still trying to decide what to power is with, but it will be amazing once he’s completed it.


    1. Goodoh, Timmy. That is just the sort of information this column needs. Let us hope that Chad gets a chance to work on it before the next WA Hot Rod Show or Gillam. I suppose it would be too much to hope for it by Big Al’s…Whatever, please keep me informed when you find out and please let him know that he appeared on the net.


  2. Hi Dick, thanks for the write up!
    Definitely have plans for a ic engine. The rod is just a side project for my boys to enjoy so there’s no real rush to get it finished, I guess the deadline will be before they are to big for it.
    There’s more information and pictures of the build on my business page, ‘Silver Aces’ (via Facebook or google search).


    1. Haw haw haw, Chad. I am laughing because you said that you will have time before the boys get too big…Think back, Chad. You were once that little and then you got to be a teenager and then no food in the house was safe. It was the same with me – when I was 14 my mother could throw a loaf of bread up into the air and the only thing that would hit the floor was the plastic wrapper…and even that had tooth marks in it…Hurry.


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