Gaining A Wider Audience

untitled-1I have been told that the only way to get more readers for this weblog column is to pay money to someone to compel the search engines to pop my name up. One part of this that bothers me is paying someone money – the other part is the kind of readers I would get.

While I have no idea how to find out who is just browsing through, I do take careful notice of who signs up to read the thing. I go to their own weblog columns and see what they write. Some are excellent. Some are average. Some are nut cases. I’m not too worried about that as they seem to be the gentle types – given to religious fervour or blank verse. It’s a free net and as long as they are not emailing me constantly it is fine. I like the occasional bit of poetry.

I also wonder whether the regulars on my Facebook feed are actually reading the thing or have just set their receivers to gloss it over. To play it safe, I never reveal the endings of television serials or my political opinions on here for fear it will cause havoc amongst them.

But it would be nice to have more readers. I do not profit from them, as I have no affiliation with any sponsor here, and I cannot think how to monetize the columns without making them a sad chore rather than a fun thing. I need the fun more than the money. Now that we are settled in the new themes, I think I can carry on for years – there are always new topics cropping up each day.

But I intend to try an experiment. If the local merchants and fringe religions can pay teenagers to cram my letterbox full of advertising pamphlets…and no amount of signage will hold them back…I will make a few lurid but attractive leaflets for the Backstabbers Guild Of Australia and poke them into the local postboxes myself. I will target the local shops and services that have filled my box.

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