Motivational Memes

blue-mountains-oregonWe get ’em every day. Our friends on the social media networks capture them and send them along to us – the motivational memes. Feel-good sayings supposedly sourced from the wisest of humans. Phrases to turn our lives around.

Well, I’ve seen dogs turning around just before settling onto the rug for a nap, and I wonder if these potted platitudes are not having the same effect on us. Do we ever benefit from them?

I’m not sure if I ever have, though I must say there are a couple snappy sayings that have been attributed to past presidents or philosophers that do recur to me now and then – and in some cases help me make a decision about something. The telling point is that they help me make wrong decisions as well as right ones. And the advisers are never there to take any part of the blame for it – just me.

I’ve started to regard the memes that people send as nothing more than a lens into their own psyches. Telling clues, if you will, to tell us of what sins they feel they are guilty. Viewed in this light, I wonder if many people would be willing to repeat the nonsense phrases with the pictures of moonlight or mountain ranges. Even if the memes are not signed confessions of guilt, they are clear indications of people’s own insecurities and weaknesses.

In modern terms, they are the plans of the mental Death Star put out over the internet for everyone to copy. The person who posts them must not be surprised if they are attacked upon their weakest point in consequence.

Far better to keep silent and let people discover things in their own time. If they feel good about you, all very well. If they flee screaming for their lives, even better. Just do not telegraph either your punches or kisses.

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