The Little World – No Rhyme Or Reason

_dsc0030I call this post No Rhyme Or Reason because the disparate images from the 2013  Super Model Car Sunday have no real theme connecting them – no common colour, year, make, or style. The closest one could come is the scale, but I’ll bet some are 1:24 and some 1:25. Not a really big difference but one that the trained eye can pick out.

They are, however, evidence that the commonly held view that people are just screen-focussed is just not true. No-one who has exercised these levels of skill or artistry is glued to a mobile phone. They might be glued to the workbench occasionally – depending upon whether they have left spots of cyanoacrylate glue about when putting on the headers – but that is all. Of course, they may have used phones, computers, or tablets to supply images of real cars for inspiration.

I would be willing to bet someone is annoyed by these models. That sounds unfriendly, but consider the fact that in their construction:

dscf4130a. The model builder was using up time that could have been devoted to schoolwork, housework, or paid work. Of course they equally could have been devoting that time to drug taking, larceny, or public vandalism so there was a social gain there.

dscf4128b. The house was probably filled with glue fumes, paint fumes, and thinner fumes. Possibly other fumes, depending upon whether the builder had a taco dinner. Most of this is harmless, with the exception of fibreglass resin fumes, which can go through any barrier and can get into sealed containers of butter or margarine in the fridge. Trust me on this. Plastic butter is vile.

dscf4134c. These models cost money – money that could have been spent on fresh fruit for orphans or improving tracts from the gospel store. Of course that money could equally have gone for lotto tickets, cigarettes, and dum dum ammunition. On the whole I think the model car kits are better.

dscf4146d. The model builder ignored the rest of the family. Depending upon the family, this may or may not have been a bad thing. I have met families that thrived on ignorance and kept  jars of it on shelves in the shed.

dscf4145e. The model builders developed unrealistic expectations about real cars. It is very unlikely that any of these models will be replicated in the garage for the owners in full-size. This they are indulgences of fantasy. Like Dr Who programs and a great many forms of exotic underwear that one sees in catalogues. Especially the underwear catalogues featuring Dr. Who…

dscf4126f. The models will make their builders wholly unsatisfied with the paint jobs on modern motor cars. Anyone who has a pink Chevrolet or a metallic blue T-bucket in their eye is going to look on a dark grey Hyundai with contempt. A brownish-black Mercedes will elicit no respect – even if the number plate is all 888’s everywhere. Winthrop and Leeming take note…

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