Achtung: Minen!

untitled-1webimageI am starting to think that the big blue Facebook logo should be replaced with a skull and crossbones and the ” Achtung: Minen! ” warning. Because every time I open the site I seem to see hidden dangers – lumps in the landscape, if you will, and not all of them containing potatoes…

Today I have been invited on several political or moral wild goose chases and I suspect that if I had followed the chain of remarks and replies I would be receiving even more of the things in the future – that seems to be how the mechanism works. To be fair, they do seem to sit pretty evenly on the balance of loony left and loony right – perhaps equilibrium might be acheived…if at the expense of a lot of bad language and worse grammar.

I have also been invited to be duped. When I declined, and pointed out the technical flaws of the presentation…my protest was removed by the person who posted the original message. I also recognise this as a standard feature of Facebook – I have been baited and deleted before. I really must exercise more discipline with myself when this sort of thing occurs – After all, I am not the Internet Sheriff and I cannot close down every pea and shell game in town. I do wonder at the algorithms that permit it, but. Sigh…

I must ask myself the question: is there likely to be high morality or overweening intelligence on a free-to-click app with advertisements in a sidebar that are based upon my browser history? Better questions: Is there going to be more benefit than harm in continuing the service? Will open access to this separate line of internet communication be enough to make the rest of the thing bearable? How far down can one go in the mine of popular social media before one uncovers a vein of nausea?

I shall find out.

*  Thanks to the person on the web who provided the image. If you are in town I’ll buy you a beer.

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